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Grateful Dead Live at Cumberland County Civic Center on 1982-09-17

Set 1

Bertha ->
The Promised Land
Candyman ->
C C Rider
Me And My Uncle ->
Big River
Dupree's Diamond Blues
It's All Over Now
West L.A. Fadeaway
ThrowingStones ->

Set 2

Touch Of Grey ->
Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
High Time
Estimated Prophet ->
Eyes Of The World ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Other One ->
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
Morning Dew ->
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Date September 17, 1982
Venue Cumberland County Civic Center
Location Portland, ME

Source (55%SBD + 15%AUD1 + 15%AUD2 + 15%AUD3)


Set 1.
Recording: SBD > Dolby B metal cassette master
Playback: Dolby B metal cassette master > 20-bit SBM2 > CDR
(David Gans master) > EAC > SoundForge > CDR (Gen 1) > EAC > Flac
Set 2.
Recording: SBD > ? (likely cassette master) *
Playback: ? > DAT (x N) > Delta Dio 24/96 > Cool Edit 2000 >
CD Wave Editor > Flac
All Transfers By Rob Harrison

* B/c of the consistent speed and low levels of hiss I am sure
it is from a cassette master. Additional note by: Dan Haugh

FOB: Nak 700s > Sony D5 Cassette master recorded by Mark Cohen
Transfer: Tascam 122MKIII cassette deck (MC playback) > Tascam
DA40 DAT deck (record) by Mark Cohen
Encoding: Tascam DA-30 playback > Egosys Waveterminal 2496 >
Cool Edit 2000 > Feurio/mkwACT by David Minches

Master FOB Audience Cassette > Nak CM300 mics > Sony D5:
master cassette played back via a Nakamichi DR-1 > HHB 850 >
EAC > CEP > CDWave > CDRWin > Yamaha CR8424 CDR

Unknown AUD (was thought it may be a matrix, which it is not)
Thanks to Dr.B.Fried for his copy. Conversion by Mike Lai


Reviewer: CKT - - November 29, 2013
Subject: Nice Matrix
Set 2 is great! Jerry sounds real good.
Reviewer: happiness is a bus - - November 28, 2013
Subject: How can anyone not like this tape
Graduated in 82, someone left this tape at my house, no date, no venue, just one kick ass tape. In the 30 years I have owned this tape, I have turned at least 20 non-deadheads into heads, have made friends, some great friends over listening to this tape,and probably have made over 200 recordings of this for friends. The sound is awesome, the recording is awesome, and if you don't croon with Jerry on High Time than you ain't no Deadhead
Reviewer: jpotts3 - - November 27, 2013
Subject: Super Lesh Overdrive Barn Burner!
Hey mid maine above, first show, eh? Luck of the Dead was with you, this is in my top 10 hottest shows of the hundred or so I was blessed to see! My life changing show had come not long before this night- 2nd show of that same summer's Red Rocks shows. *** Not sure what Pangolin and other's are hearing,but I was at this show and we ALL thought it was one of the hottest nights of the Fall East Coast tour, no question!

Seriously, 5 songs before the drums, including a debut, and a rarity, then the lost Spanish Bollero into some BASS MELT DOWN from Lesh, by request from the crowd.
Going down the Road was so hot then the steady majesty of The Morning Dew, that version alone made the night notable, I feel. And of course a classic closer and a version of US Blues that shows what it was like when not perfunctory as too often in later years. All in All an Amazing Show ~*~

Example: The Other One was a highlight too
NB Lesh response to the chanting crowd from 0:40 to 1:40
And listen from 2:00, leading up to the bass opening, and beyond, perfect Other One,
Yes there are other's likewise beyond awesome, but doesn't get any fiercer or more ominous or musically crisp or sheer fun in any version I know.
Reviewer: mid-maine - - September 18, 2013
Subject: Agree w/JPotts3
This is a solid show top to bottom. The second set has that extra sweet and spicy mix which led John Scott to describe post-drumz as being Szechuan. OK, it's not St. Paul from August, but then again, it's a little bit more prickly and crackly and zippy.

This is definitely the best recording of this show. . . . Finally.

(Yeah, I'm a little biased. Every has a first show; this one is mine. Definitely changed the course of my life.)
Reviewer: Pangolin22 - - December 18, 2012
Subject: Not bad
I generally enjoy fall 82 but this one didn't do that much for me. Not bad, not great. Jerry's voice starts to crack and strain, often to good effect like on that Morning Dew (which I would peg as my highlight).
I'd say 3.5 stars overall
Reviewer: Rolling - - October 10, 2010
Subject: wow
perfect review mix of this under rated show. thanks a bunch.
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Grateful Dead
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Source: DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix; SBD (shnid=183) SBD> master reel> cassette> Dat >HD> shn; transfer by T. Wul + AUD (shn id 126070) source: aud cassette master; taped by Jim Cooper; sony ecm22p's > hitachi trq-222; nak dragon > benchmark adc1 24/96 > adobe audition cs6 16/44.1 > flac; transfer & seed - Rob Berger - DTS mixing by Kevin Tobin
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Master Audience Recorded By Mr. Darby; AKG451EB/CK1's (DIN/DFC/First 1/4 Of OTS/9 Feet High)> Whirlwind Phantoms>Teac DA-P20 @ 16/48 (Set 1) and Whirlwind Phantoms>Sony TC-D5M,Tape Denox MG-X (Set 2); Transfer Information Set 1:Sony R500>Tascam HD-P2 @ 16/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Transfer Information Set 2:Tascam 112 MKII>Tascam HD-P2 @ 24/48> HDD>Amadeus Pro (Tracking/Fades/FLAC8); Tracks Renamed/Dithered/Flacked With Korg Aqua To 16/44 By Keo; SBE's Checked/Fixed With Trader's Little Helper; Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: AUD: 2x Beyer M-88's > Sony TC-D5M > Maxell MX-90s, set up at the end of the floor, fifteen rows up in the riser, taped by Joe Morrone.
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Schoeps CMC3/MK4 (ORTF) > unknown power supply > Panasonic SV-255 (lead deck) > Coax SPDIF > Casio DA-7 dat (first deck out) > Agfa Dat tape. Mics on 7-foot stand, back of floor center, directly behind the lighting board.
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Source: 2 Neumann KMF4 microphones > Sony TC-D5M - analog master cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Master: 3 Sennhesier 441s/Yamaha MM10 Mic Mixer and Sony TC-D5m Cassette Master; 16th Row on Phil's side; 1st deck out of mic mixer;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Source: 2 Sennheiser 421 microphones (up front-center)> Sony TC-D5M - master analog cassettes;
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Set 1 Recording Info: Nakamichi 300 Mics ->Maxell XLII 90, set up in back of the floor. Transfer Info: Maxell XLII 90->Tascam BX1 (modified for flat transfer)->Tascam MKII-DR07 (24/bit, 96kHz) Editing: All editing (NAB curve applied, fade in, 2 fades out cut into tracks) with DC8Forensics. Slight correction for distance from speakers. Recorded by Bill Doherty
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: (FOB) Nakamichi CM-300 (CP-1) x2 > Cassette Master (Sony TCD5M/Maxell XLII-S C-90) Cassette Master (Nakamichi DR-1) > Korg MR-1000 (1-bit/5.6MHz) > Audiogate (1-bit/5.6MHz > 24-bit/96KHz) > Soundforge 9.0 (edits) > flac24
Grateful Dead
by Grateful Dead
Source: Master Audience Recorded By Seremetcc, Transfer By Keo; Nakamichi CM100/CP4 Shotguns > Marantz PMD 430 > Tapes:Denon HD 8-100's; Recorded From The Repeater Stack; Transfer With Nakamichi MR-1 > Korg MR-1000 @ 1 Bit/5.6 MHz; Tracking/Sample Rate Conversion/Flacked With AudioGate V.3.02 To 24 Bit/96 kHz; Metadata Tagging With Tag&Rename